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Could Drinking Craft Beer Change Your Life?

For all the love and praise I heap upon craft beers and the brewers who produce them, I have to admit recreational drinking is probably not the healthiest habit I’ve developed in my time. Don’t get me wrong: sipping a nice cold beer can be great for the mind, and certainly won’t harm you the way smoking a pack of cigarettes might. But, it’s not exactly like taking up jogging either, is it? And, drinking beer isn’t going to pay you back in the way investing or stamp collecting might.

With that in mind, I decided to brainstorm a handful of ideas that we could use to turn our appreciation for craft beers into something that can drive us forward to healthier, happier lives. I’ve included my best thoughts below, but I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments, too…

Make Craft Beers a Reward

If you’re one of those people who struggles to find the motivation to meet your biggest goals in life (that is, almost everyone), then you might be able to use your love of craft beer to change your habits. Here’s how: decide what you’ll need to do on a daily basis to reach your biggest dream (run a mile, write five pages of your novel, etc.) and then give yourself a bottle as a reward. You’ll come to appreciate every sip even more, and might even instil a new habit into your daily routine. My reward: a Friday night pint.

Trade the Calories

Every bottle of craft beer comes with a price: the calories you’re drinking. Ignore that price, and they’ll add up over time. So, why not use your love craft beers to start a new exercise program? Just decide ahead of time how many beers you’ll be drinking, and get some exercise beforehand. You might find the beer is even more enjoyable after a workout, and the habit could improve your overall fitness level. In fact, you might come to love the exercise just as much as the beer. My trade: salads for lunch.

Only Drink Craft Beers With Good Friends

It’s ironic, but in an era when we are more “connected” than ever, many of us struggle to find time for close friends and loved ones. Consider making a rule for yourself that you only enjoy your favourite craft beers in the company of good friends. That will give you the motivation to get out and socialize once you get a craving for your favourite bottle. That’s not just a great way to improve your mental health, but something you can do to savour every beer just a little more. Okay, I’m not exactly meeting this goal, but working on it. 😉

Make Every Beer a Charitable Act

If you are looking for a great way to associate your love of craft beer with something positive, simply donate a dollar or two to charity every time you buy a new bottle. You could drop a few bills into a collection jar, or simply set them aside to give to your favourite causes at the end of the year. It won’t add significantly to the cost of the craft beers you buy, but you’ll be surprised at how a few contributions here and there can add up. And, you might find you feel better about your love of beer if it’s also helping you to change the world. My charity act: support the reuse, recycle, return movement by taking a BeerBox by IVAN with me to the beer store.


Support Your Local Economy

One great thing about drinking craft beers, instead of bigger and more popular beer brands, is that you can support the “little guy” down the street. Most craft brewing companies aren’t making much money. It’s a labour of love, and one you can support local brewers by purchasing a bottle or pint of your favourite. Even though you might never hear from them directly, you can be sure the brewer will appreciate your business.

When it comes down to it, I suspect most of us drink craft beers simply because we love them. And really, that’s reason enough. But, why not see if we can turn our love of different brews into even better habit? Be sure to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below and of course, join us on Instagram!

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