BeerBox by Ivan

Say no to cardboard wine box leftovers and wimpy plastic bags forever.

Get TWO beer boxes (BeerBox and BeerBox Mini) kits for the craft beer fan in your life. Authentic, one-of-a-kind cedar beer box kits hand-crafted by Ivan, a retired BC logger.

Ivan hand-crafts each box, beginning with falling the tree! Yes, it’s true. He mills the lumber in his own mill and cuts each plank by hand. It’s a labour of love!

Order kits to finish as you like, or leave the wood natural. Cedar is nature’s rot-resistant miracle. Purchase the pair for only $68. Very limited supply. Shipping is not included. Kits are packaged, not assembled.

BeerBox: Holds 12-13 large craft beer bottles, or 3 standard growlers.
BeerBoxMini: Holds 6-7 large craft beer bottles, or 1 standard growler and a couple bottles.