Welcome craft beer fans!

If you’ve made your way to this website, I’m assuming you love craft beer just as much as I do.


I’m guessing that you delight in everything from the range of flavours and colours to the art that goes on the bottles, and everything that comes in between. But, I sometimes wonder: why do we actually love craft beer so much in the first place? There are probably a hundred different answers to this question, but here are a few that speak to me personally.

  1. Craft Beer Has (and Expresses) Individual Style
  2. You Can Enjoy Classic Craftsmanship
  3. Craft Breweries are Local and Ethical
  4. Craft Breweries Put out Great Beer With Unique Taste
  5. The Craft Brewers Themselves Have Great Personality

To me, many craft brewers are almost like old friends. I love their style, their visual sense, and even the way they promote their different beers. I look forward to new batches, wondering how they will have changed from one season to the next, or if a new employee or ingredient will introduce a subtle twist to a once-familiar bottle.

Maybe the question isn’t why we love craft beer, but how we could manage not to love craft beer. There are just so many different aspects of the experience – from looking at the different choices to buying a bottle and having it taste – that makes trying them enjoyable.

If you love craft beer the way I do, I’d love to hear from you. Better yet, I’d love to know what it is you love most about it. Feel free to share your thoughts on social.